boating Lake CumberlandLake Cumberland is known as a water lover's playground. Lake Cumberland is large enough to accommodate all sizes and types of water and pleasure crafts. Common types of watercrafts that frequent the lake are personal watercrafts (PWC), deck boats, pontoons, runabouts, houseboats, speed and powerboats, ski boats, and fishing boats of all sizes and types. Of all the lakes in the United States, Lake Cumberland is said to host the highest number of luxury houseboats. Monticello, Kentucky has the reputation of being the houseboat manufacturing capitol of the world, and is located just off Lake Cumberland in Wayne County. Wayne County is also home to Lake Cumberland Rentals located on Cumberland Ridge in a lake front community at the Conley Bottom Marina lake area.

Conley Bottom Boat Marina is a premier marina facility nestled in an area of unsurpassed beauty both on and off shore. Lake ramp access for Lake Cumberland Rental guests is available just a couple of minutes away at the end of Cumberland Ridge, or a few minutes away at Conley Bottom Marina. Conley Bottom Marina can accommodate temporary or year round boat slips for all sizes of watercrafts.. Lake visitors to Conley Bottom in Monticello, Kentucky sport a variety of watercrafts and participate in an assortment of water activities and events, both on and off shore. Lake Cumberland's serene waters, many coves and refreshing waterfalls streaming from tree-capped mountaintops create the perfect haven for water and nature lovers alike.

One of the largest man-made bodies of water east of the Mississippi River and one of many of a chain of lakes in Kentucky and Tennessee constructed by the Tennessee Valley Authority and the Army Corps of Engineers; Lake Cumberland has more miles of shoreline than any other lake in the world with 1,255 miles of beautiful scenic vistas; crowned with rugged tree covered mountains, private coves, and hollows, hosting an average depth of 90 feet. The lake area at Conley Bottom exemplifies scenes just as these and is a testament to Lake Cumberland's national reputation as a preferred water playground for fishermen, boaters, and nature lovers alike.

water skiing in Lake CumberlandThere is no shortage of water surface in Lake Cumberland's main lake at 101 miles long and over one mile across at its widest point. Lake Cumberland is considered a vacationer's paradise and a year round hub of outdoor activities. Visitors to Lake Cumberland in Wayne County can find as much to do on shore as off. During the fall season, the autumn color change is a virtual feast for the visual senses, both on and off the lake. Tourists and hiking enthusiasts from all over the country come to experience the display of colors found in the local areas; including that of near by Daniel Boone National Forest as well as many surrounding State Parks. In spring, dormant native plants awaken from their winter naps and produce an equally beautiful bloom of both colors and smells. Wildflower lovers will find the surrounding woods and forests to provide a treasure trove of spring jewels.

Lake Cumberland Rentals offers the perfect year round accommodations that allow its guests to take in the full experience no matter what the season. Nestled among towering trees perched above the lake, our lake front cottage offers an expansive waterfront view of the lake sure to please the most discriminating visitors no matter what the season.

Covering over 63,000 acres of land, there is room for everyone, Lake Cumberland was created upon the completion of Wolf Creek Dam, a 240-foot embankment built in 1951. Wolf Creek Dam's construction was part of a federal plan to control floods in the Ohio and Mississippi rivers and develop their tributaries. A million and a half cubic yards of concrete and nearly 10 million cubic yards of earth later, the dam became reality. Today, the dam controls a drainage area of 5,810 square miles. Located in the center of Southern Kentucky, beautiful Lake Cumberland is within a day's drive from most of Middle America, making Lake Cumberland a popular boating and watercraft destination.

Our cottage guests, visitors to Wayne County and the Conley Bottom area that seek other adventures can find additional water sport activities such as water skiing, river boat cruises, charter cruises, canoeing, kayaking, whitewater rafting; as well as horseback riding, hiking to gorgeous scenic overlooks, historic train rides, and historic landmarks, in close proximity to Lake Cumberland Rentals in Monticello Kentucky. For more information on these and other attractions, see the attractions page.

Boating News and Information

At Lake Cumberland Rentals, we care about the quality of your visit to our area and wish you many happy returns. Provided below is information that you may find useful and ensure a safer and more pleasant lake experience for you, your family, and friends.

Get Registered

speed boatIn Kentucky, all mechanically powered vessels must be registered. You may register in the county you reside in or in the county of principal use. Registrations expire April 30 each year. All motorboats operated in Kentucky waters must be registered. Once registered, decals must be displayed correctly. Registration numbers only must be displayed on the bow, or forward half, of each side of the vessel, and read from left to right and be distinctly visible. The letter and numbers must be of a plain block design, at least three inches in height, and of a color that will provide maximum contrast to the background, i.e. dark numbers on a light hull. There must be a letter size space between groups of letters and numbers:

Correct: KY 1234 AB
Incorrect: KY1234AB

When boat ownership is transferred (or new boat purchase), the new owner is responsible for obtaining new registration. Contact your county court clerk for complete details on owner registration transfer and application of registration decals.

Boating Needs

Limited list of Sales and Service dealers in close proximity to Lake Cumberland Rentals: (This list does not constitute an endorsement of the below mentioned but is provided as a courtesy.)

C & P Marine
E Hwy. 90, Bronston

Fantasy Custom Yachts
Rt. 90 @ Mills Spring Rd. Monticello

Heritage Marine
145 Hwy 1275, Monticello

Horizon Yachts
Hwy. 90, Monticello

Tack Marine
Beaver Lodge Rd. Monticello

Boating Safety

As you are planning your trip to beautiful Lake Cumberland, there are few things to consider.

Before you take your watercraft out on the water:

Make sure that your craft is in good mechanical order. Insure that there are no gas leaks or exposed electrical wiring and that all electrical systems and running lights are in good working order. Make sure there are no hull leaks and that the bilge pump works. Finally, make sure you have a fire extinguisher on board and that you have enough gas to get you back to the ramp or marina. Ensure that the number of passengers on the craft do not exceed the recommended limit. Your passengers are your responsibility; make sure that each one of them wears an approved life jacket. Sneakers or deck shoes offer your more control over the watercraft if you are driving a PWC. Make sure that you have the appropriate insurance coverage for your boat. Your craft must be registered and drivers must abide by all the laws and rules as they apply to your watercraft. Laws and regulations vary from state to state and in various bodies of water. It is your responsibility to make sure you know what they are. Make sure drivers of PWC's and boats meet the legal age requirements. In Kentucky, call 1-800-858-1549 for age and boating safety certification, or log onto Whether you are driving a watercraft, skiing, or swimming in the lake, drinking alcohol can turn an otherwise fantastic fun filled day at the lake into a tragic experience you wish you could forget. Think first. Drink last.

Personal Safety

The hot summer sun can scorch your skin and even your eyes. Keep plenty of waterproof sun block, protective clothing, eye protection, and drinking water on hand, especially for children and those with sensitive skin. Be prepared to protect yourself and your boat mates from the elements.

For more information and details on these topics and many others that will help ensure yours, your passengers, the safety of others, and help keep you legal, contact the Kentucky Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Resources, 1 Game Road, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601

Or call 1-800-858-1549, or log onto Ask for the 2005 Kentucky Sport Fishing and Boating Guide