fishing in Lake CumberlandConsidered one of the finest fishing areas in the Eastern United States, Lake Cumberland is rapidly gaining national recognition as one of the premier striper bass fishing lakes in the United States and a jewel of the bass fisherman's world. Whether you're a recreational fisher or a serious angler who lives to fish, Lake Cumberland is a fisherman's paradise. Lake Cumberland is filled with a wide variety of fish from crappie, bream, walleye, trout, spoonbill catfish, and a variety of bass such as largemouth, smallmouth, white, Kentucky or rock bass. Whatever the time of day or year, fishing on Lake Cumberland is a year round activity. This mammoth lake with beautiful clean water is filled with irregular shorelines, shoals, and small tributaries that provide an ideal habitat and breading ground for an abundant and healthy fish population.

Fishermen planning fishing trips to Lake Cumberland in the Monticello, KY (Wayne County) area of the lake, Lake Cumberland Rentals offers the perfect accommodations that are conveniently located just minutes from lake access at Conley Bottom Marina. Conley Bottom Marina is the lake's most accessible marina. If you forgot something at home, the marina offer all types of small gear rentals, fishing boats, boating accessories, live bait and tackle, fishing license, sportswear, groceries (no fresh meat or vegetables), ice, gasoline, propane, souvenirs, public telephones, clean restrooms and plenty of parking.

Upon returning to the marina, you have the choice of enjoy an evening meal at the marina's floating restaurant the Lighthouse Café for great food, service and an unparalleled view. Or if you prefer, you can retire to our lakeside cottage and prepare your big catch in doors or out. Our lakeside cottage offers all the creature comforts of home where you can lounge in comfortable furniture on the deck while you watch the stars and share fish tales. Your lake experience doesn't have to end once you leave the fishing boat. Your stay in this cozy lake community will enhance your total lake experience with its wonderful climate in a beautiful wooded lake setting.

What are the best fishing times?

Lake Cumberland's best fishing is during the month of April, May, September, and October. During the summer months, early June and late August are among the best months.

father and son fishingFishing during spring, fall and early June, smallmouth and largemouth bass will take all types of artificial lures, especially surface plugs. Night crawlers are generally the best live bait.

In April, bass can be found in the coves, and by mid May they start migrating out to the points where they will remain until winter. Fishing for bass is best from August through October. If you're fishing for bass, a variety of methods can be used to improve your harvest; casting the points, trolling across the points with medium to deep running plugs, and fishing off the points with live crawfish are the most productive methods.

The fall is a good time for "jump fishing". Spinner lure casts usually produce a catch when bass and striper are chasing minnows and shad near the surface of the water.

What can I expect to catch?

The best striper territory on Lake Cumberland is in the lower portions of the lake. Usually in late April and the first half of May, stripers (rockfish) can be taken with top water baits at dawn. From mid-May through summer, the water becomes warmer and the fish are feeding deeper, and trolling or live bait tactics are used. Most stripers are then taken at depths of about 25-40 feet in the morning and late afternoon.

From mid-September on, as the water starts to cool down, stripers are taken by trolling and live baiting during early morning and late afternoon at medium depths usually 20-30 feet. Live baiting with shad has become increasingly popular and consistent in recent times and even though the bait is hard to come by many consider it the best method. The current freshwater record is 60 lb. 5 oz. and most people feel the world record breaker will come from deep within Lake Cumberland. At the present, there has already been a 58 lb. 4 oz. striper taken out of Lake Cumberland.

For fishermen planning fishing trips to Lake Cumberland in the Monticello, KY (Wayne County) area of the lake, Lake Cumberland Rentals offers the perfect accommodations that are conveniently located just minutes from lake access at Conley Bottom Marina. At the end of a day or night of fishing, rest and relax in a lakeside cottage setting with all the creature comforts of home, and room to spread out and prepare tackle box for the next day.

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Fishing Permits

The first weekend in June is FREE FISHING DAYS in Kentucky to promote fishing and National Fishing Week! Each year, Kentucky affords free fishing days the first weekend in June (June 4 -5, 2005). No license is required for residents or non-residents, but all fishing regulations remain in effect.

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